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About Jotty

I am a volunteer therapist for Sue Ryder UK and work in the palliative care section at my local hospice. I also own a small pharmacy business with my husband and would like to help my local community by offering to help mothers who have lost confidence in finding employment and need support to get back into work.

Self -Belief!

Sometimes in life if you meet very positive people you will see that your mindset will be positive. If you have accepted something negative about you or your ability it will become a habit.Learn to be aware how you got that negative feeling because you only accepted in that moment  and it became a habit.

The unknown quote” Self-belief is the biggest gift you can give yourself”. So after reading my post,please believe in yourself and improve on your skills, write down your goals and see how you will feel confident!


Please HELP and PRAY for Nepal and its people

Please pray for people in Nepal.


First of all thank you everyone who contacted me with concern about my loved ones in Nepal. My and AS immediate families are safe but there thousands out there who need our help.

I am sure most of you are aware that Nepal has been hit by 7.9 magnitude earthquake on April 25, 2015 and there is widespread devastation across the country. The death toll, approaching 2,000, continues to rise as search and rescue efforts are underway in Kathmandu and across the country. People are still trapped under collapsed buildings in Kathmandu, and there is no way to accurately guess how many are in need throughout the other cities and thousands of villages at this time.

The Kathmandu as I knew has changed forever as hundreds of buildings have collapsed including many homes and many of Nepal’s ancient and iconic temples and monuments.

The immediate need on the ground…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat (West Lake)

Sharing Michael Lai’s beautiful photo.


The West lake in China has always given me a tranquil feeling.DSCF6443B

This picture showing the water lilies in red and green floating on the water with a pagoda in the distant background is one of my favorite pictures.

The rain that fell on the lake created some ripples too.

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